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For the spirits to materialise when they are summoned in worship the practice of the worship must reach a level of intensity—get to the blue part of the flame, so to speak—and arouse the angels and God as well to come down and bless the worshippers a million-fold. When David played his harp, so intense was his music that Samuel was inspired to anoint him King. Now it is the turn of another Samuel, not to anoint, but to call up the angels and saints and to placate God to bring peace and happiness and to look kindly upon his people… He calls with deep intensity and does not let up throughout Yaoundé, a masterful supplication in various parts. The Samuel in question is Samuel Torres, that Colombian percussion colorist, who directs the proceedings and, in doing so, also draws in everyone who hears the echo of the congas and chekere and Llaneras, kalimba and caxixis… And the spirits and Saints, at least, are moved to bless this project.

Review written by: Raul da Gama for Latin Jazz Network


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