“Samuel Torres is a percussionist extraordinaire. Samuel Torres is an exceptional composer. Samuel Torres is an astute arranger. Samuel Torres has vast skills as an orchestrator. All of those statements are valid responses to the question, who is Samuel Torres? The Colombian born artist, who now makes his home in New York City, has, as they say in the industry, "made a lot of noise" over the past few years. No, I don't mean banging and clanging around on a percussion kit. The phrase refers to doing something special and being noticed and respected by your peers . . . he is a cut above on all fronts.”

Jim Worsely Q & A feature

“As one of the most thrilling and gifted percussionists of his generation, Samuel Torres has made a practice of integrating Columbia folkloric music into his art. 'Alegria' is the latest example showcasing the rich musical heritage of Columbia, effortlessly swings through the intricate compositions celebrating masters Ray Barretto, Miguel ‘Anga’ Diaz, and Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Michael Ambrosino 33Third.org

“A release as daring and fulfilling as Alegria, the latest from Bogota, Colombia, native Samuel Torres, is a rarity . . . Keys to the date’s success are the leader’s ingenious blending of disparate rhythms, and the presence of six first-call horn players who provide the orchestral heft and harmonic textures . . . a truly evolved variant of Latin jazz.

Mark Holston Jazziz Magazine

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